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A Brief History of Worle Unless you know better! Written and now revised by Dave Hart, pictured right. Up to, maybe, years ago, the well documented history of the Weston-super-Mare area should really be called the history of Worle as up until this time Weston hardly existed. Worle, on the other hand, was the hub of local village life for over a thousand years. It has been suggested that even the name of Weston comes from being a homestead or tun that is west of Worle.

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The nearest of these is Kewstoke church, situated on the slope of Worle hill itself. The ruins of the priory of Woodspring are of considerable extent, and very picturesque, situated in a very solitary position at the farther end of a wide marshy, but cultivated massae they are divided from the sea by a narrow ridge of rocks, called Swallow Cliffs, quite out of the way of any frequented road.

Crossing the broad mossy top of Worle Hill we can descend upon the village of Worle, which is prettily situated on the southern slope of the hill, and commands a delightful view over the rich cultivated flat to the range of the Mendip Hills. In short, the inducements to prolong a visit to Weston will be found principally Sweet housewives seeking nsa Greenfield arise from the charming localities by which it is surrounded.

The climate is bracing and the air very salubrious. The coastal clay belt was generally flood free, being somewhat higher than much of the low lying areas inland, but the moor was often under water for 4 or 5 months a year.

Nomadic hunter-gatherers of the Middle Stone Age sheltered in a cave at the entrance to what is now Worle quarry, where two Mesolithic flint weapons were found. With the advent of crop growing and animal husbandry in the New Stone Age the hill became productive farmland and even today Celtic Fields can be detected on the hill in which wheat, oats, barley and beans are known to have been grown in the Iron Age.

The first settlers made for the hillside where the pasture was good, but in the summer months and early autumn they moved their animals down onto the moors, relatively dry and free from the danger of flooding at that time of year.

The first visitors to the Worle end of our island in the marsh would have found it to be very hospitable, being mild, south facing and sheltered from the north and west winds. There was fresh spring water and msre of wild animals. More importantly, it should have been relatively safe, being isolated by the surrounding marsh, the surging tides and set in a remote part of the Somerset coast.

The Roman maseage came to England in A.

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The Romans left in AD, and the next years saw a change back to Celtic ways as Roman influence faded. The Dark Ages were from to AD.

The Saxon kings inherited a Christian Kingdom and hunted on Minndep. Worle was given its name by the Saxons. It may have been Wor-leah at some time, meaning Wood Grouse Wood.

There were 50 acres of meadow and enough room for 15 ploughs. Five slaves and 25 labourers worked the manor at Castle Batch.

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Castle Batch was a 12th Century Medieval manor, a motte and bailey castle, build by the manorial lord who owed allegiance to the Horny geek sexfriends overlords. This may have been Walter de Douai or even William de Courtenai. The Domesday Book gives us a picture of the land use around Worle during that period and for some centuries; pasture on the dry rocky hilltop; crop-growing in open fields on the fertile soils of the slopes and hay meadows on the wet moors below.

We are reminded of the presence of the Norsemen by the names of the Holms, Wick St Lawrence and perhaps also in that of the little island of Birnbeck. The tower has a short spire. Most of the church we see today is of the 15th century. Here the River Banwell flows into the sea.

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The flow of the Banwell river is still high today and possibly in former times it was even greater, so it is reasonable to assume that here was a channel along which boats could also reach Worle and Banwell on a rising tide. In the Black Death came to Somerset, the greatest devastation the English population has ever known. During the years and the devotion and self-sacrifice of the priesthood was shown in the Local mature women want to fuck that in those two years Worle had five incumbents.

When one, ministering to the sick and dying, was himself struck down, there was another dedicated priest ready to take over. Local port records between and show a doubling of the small trows and picards carrying fish, grain and other supplies throughout the Bristol Channel.

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The masters of such craft often kare unregulated landing places where port duties and custom levies might be avoided. The centre of the Worle village was at the top of the Scaurs where it meets Church Road. Here stands the oldest building in Worle apart from the church. Mendip Cottage and The Bell House were once a single farm house and massagd of cruck construction, possibly dating from the 14th or 15th century.

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The village stocks also stood here. Just across the road in Kewstoke Road is a 16th century cottage called Springwell. Magnolia Cottage in Ebdon Road has a wing dated to the 17th century suggesting that the main house may be even older. Extensive mining took place on Worle Hill, firstly for lead ore, and then during the C16, C17, C18 and early C19 for calamine. In there was the record that the calamine discovered was far better quality than that unearthed in Germany and that an Englishman and his German partner took a lease of Sir Henry Wallope of a hill in Somersetshire called Worle Hill.

Although this was mostly effected above the general level of cultivation, it did spread further down the hillside in the area of Hawthorn Hill and Hawthorne Combe. They were still in operation in The importance of Worle as a local centre is well known.

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In the fhe century, the local woollen industry expanded to include a trade in cotton and people would have come from all over the area to buy materials. Tower View at the top of the Scaurs is also 18th century.

Facing Manchester Square is Maywood House, a late 18th century building. The intersecting ro in this area enclose a space that wrston once used for playing bowls and may once have been the village green.

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The area became known locally as Manchester Square. Lower Street le eastwards to St Georges and Banwell.

There are no ro across Worle moor, Locking moor or Hutton moor, and no ro in the Bridgwater direction. There was no bridge across the River Axe until An anchor was found ten feet below the surface when the foundations were being prepared for the brewery, suggesting that there may have been access to the sea from this area along Madam Rhyne. In the 19th century, there were still no established ro, just the important bridges.

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