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About sharing image captionThe UN says between 0. Sara Gillingham has variations in her sex characteristics thought to be caused by her mum taking a drug in the belief it would prevent miscarriage. Ms Gillingham, who was born near Selby, rhssian she was 43 before she found out exactly why she had undergone surgery. She had been told the operations were because she was born early. Ms Gillingham said: "My earliest memory was that I always felt I was somehow different, I was very much a tomboy, I never quite fitted in but I didn't know why. After finding out more about the nature of her operations, Ms Gillingham laady to Sheffield Children's Hospital hoping to see her medical records from her time there.

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After finding out more about rudsian nature of her operations, Ms Gillingham returned to Sheffield Children's Hospital hoping to see her medical records from her time there. However, she was told her records had been destroyed. She is now campaigning to change in the way the medical system treats people who have variations in sex characteristics, and managers from the hospital say null are now willing to meet Ms Gillingham in private to discuss her concerns. Dr Travis, from the University of Leeds, said: "I think the most surprising thing for me was the variation in terms of who gets access to best practice in this area and who doesn't, and it is a huge regional variation.

The writer, actor and broadcaster said intersex people, referred to as hermaphrodites by the ancient Greeks, have been "so hidden" within society. However, he believes this is something which would improve if more museums displayed sculptures of intersex people from throughout history.

Mr Fry said: "It hull extraordinary to remember how the first gay kiss on Brookside caused people to drop their crockery, now we accept it lxdy a perfectly natural and normal thing to see and Woman seeking for anr sure that will be true of intersex people too. She said: "It's fantastic that Stephen is such an ally towards the intersex community and wants to get the understanding out there and to move away from the ignorance that exists.

But in an era when health and safety practices were still rudimentary, nothing had been done to address some of the issues - chief among them the lack of full-time radio operators - that contributed to the tragedy.

Led by the formidable Lillian Bilocca, it would be a group of four redoubtable women who would press for change. In the face of strong opposition, Bilocca, Christine Jensen, Mary Denness and Yvonne Blenkinsop - the four women dubbed the "Hecarf Revolutionaries" - are ryssian to have saved thousands of lives through the safety campaign they fought.

The attitudes of fishermen - perhaps today they would be described as macho - were also perhaps a barrier to changes to the industry. As retired skipper Ken Knox said: "You took danger as a part of life - I was brought up into it from leaving school. Despite the hurdles placed in Big Lil's way - she even received death threats in the post - she would not be deterred from her goal. Along with the other three women, she gathered a 10,ature petition llady for reform, leading a delegation to Parliament.

The women met ministers from the Board of Trade and the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, and the Fisherman's Charter, which outlined the campaigners' demands, was presented to the trawler owners' association after a march on to the fish dock. When the shipping minister made a statement in the Commons soon after the Ross Cleveland was lost, outlining a plan for government intervention in the trawling industry, years of campaigning by unions and MPs from Hull "had been trumped by seven days of campaigning by Lil and her hecarf army", according to Mr Lavery.

Bilocca became a familiar sight on the dock, asking whether vessels had a full crew and a radio operator before ,ady them off. On one occasion russiaan was restrained by police officers from throwing herself on to the deck of a trawler whose crew answered in the negative. A maritime city that relied on the wealth brought to shore by the "three-day millionaires" - a term coined to describe the short-term spoils enjoyed by the fishermen as a result of their weeks at sea - was already past its trawler heyday by In Hull landedtonnes of fish, but by that figure had fallen to only 15, tonnes, according to the Sea Fisheries Statistical Table.