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Please or for full access. Though this picture of Bill's life is comprehensive there are still gaps and undoubtedly a few errors. If you can help with further information please. To this fan club and receive an whenever a new piece of Bill Maynard information is discovered, click the link above.

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Please or for full access. Though this picture of Bill's life is comprehensive there are still gaps and undoubtedly a few errors.

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If you can help with further information please. To this fan club and receive Looking for someone to be awesome with whenever a new piece of Bill Maynard information is discovered, click the link above. To donate a piece of Bill Maynard memorabilia with the details of your donation. This was his mother's parents address and where his mother was born. He was 6' 1" 1. Bill was a vegetarian and a diabetic. His favourite music genre was Country, but he was also very fond of Jazz.

His favourite music artist was Joe Cocker. Bill died Friday March 30, at the age of 89 after suffering a hip fracture from falling from his mobility scooter. It was requested that no flowers be purchased for him, but donations were being accepted on behalf of the Leicester Hospitals Charity for the purchase of pillows in Leicester Hospitals.

The shortage of pillows was something that Bill had experienced first-hand during his various stays.

He lost the middle finger on his right hand in hood accident, aged approximately three, when he got it caught in the gears of a mangle while trying to distract his mother. The booked act or "turn" as they are known that night hadn't turned up, so when they asked if anyone in the audience would like to do a turn his father suggested he have a go. Opening the stage to the audience this way is known as a "free and easy".

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After his performance Bill said to his father, "I just love it. I want to be a star, Dad. It was Bill's dad who encouraged him to be a performer, his mother was never keen on the idea. His father bought him his first musical instrument, a ukulele, and later used the profits from Bill's performances to pay for lessons and buy other instruments. During those early years Bill went to tap dancing lessons, singing lessons, guitar lessons and mandolin lessons, to name but a few.

Also at the age of eight Bill did some work for a traveling circus in nearby towns. He was paid the same amount that his father earned for a full days work, who was working Find Girvin an assistant gardener.

The explorer's road | home

Over the years Bill built-up a repertoire of nine acts each lasting between ten and twelve minutes and one night at the Leicester Railwaymen's Club, East Park Road, Leicester, England, UK, he performed all nine. His acts included: a George Formby act, an army act, an act as a QC lawyeran act dressed in drag, a cowboy act and an act of Neapolitan love songs.

One of his acts was a monologue called Little Rosaa morbid piece which left the audience in tears. At the age of ten Billy, as he was then known, started to breed rabbits for their meat and fur to help with kkingdom family income, but his professional career as an entertainer was taking off and rabbit breading was proving too time consuming.

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Just before starting Grammar School aged eleven Bill was hospitalised again, this time with kidney problems, which lead to him having one of his kidneys removed. Later in his life Bill did charitable work for several kidney research and support organisations.

It was while traveling between Leicester and Sheffield that Bill lost his virginity to a girl fellow performer - contortionist who was three or four years older than him. It happened on the back seat of a car on their way home from a performance. Sallon Bill's extra income the family were eventually able to buy their own motor car, a Singerwhich cost twelve pounds ten in old British money. At Grammar School Bill was a member of the soccer team and also won an athletic trophy.

Don Revie former England manager was also part of the junior team and he later introduced Bill to Jackie Charlton World Cup winner who became one of Bill's closest friends. Bill's coach at Leicester City was Sep Smith. In those days this irreparable knee injury meant an instant end to any football aspirations.

Later in life Xaloon became a regular player at charity cricket matches, where he showed that the sportsman within him had never faded.

Bill excelled in English at school, but flunked everything else, so left school with no qualifications. With his soccer unitedd coming to an unexpected and abrupt end Bill turned his hand to many different jobs. Most of these jobs were in sales, but he also worked as a coalman and as an assistant buyer for a Leicester wholesalers, where he met his first wife Muriel.

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The building has since been demolished. Muriel, approximately 5' 7" 1. The money went to the Save the Children charity and dancegs new rose, named Muriel, was cultivated - Their daughter Jane went to the naming ceremony at the Royal Chelsea Flower Show. They did divorce, as he said in an interview in The Daily Express about his time in Heartbeat. By the time they were married Tonia had become a multi-talented star in her own right and this meant that they didn't see much of each other during their sancers life, as Bill's work was in the UK and Tonia's kingdo the USA.

Bill was offered the job, but was going to decline the offer, as it represented a jnited in pay. On returning home from the audition his wife Muriel talked him into taking the job and his professional career was on the move, even if it was Fuck women Ballycastle 'second assistant feed' - the 'top-liner' was Terry Scott, who later became Bill's partner in the TV series Great Scott, It's Maynard.

After his debut at Butlins, Bill returned to Lewis's Department Dols, Leicester and was promoted from an electrical salesman to a carpet salesman. Bill's first ever venture overseas was a trip to Germany in ? It was during this trip that Bill visited a German barber's shop for a hair cut and ended up with not just a trim, but a full crew dancfrs - a style which he grew to like and made part of his 'image'.

Bill enjoyed touring overseas and would later travel to the Middle East, Kenya, Malaysia and the Persian Gulf, among others. The final piece of Bill's trademark stand-up act came from a girl named Kay, she was a singer with a group called The Kordites.

A look that would have Bill labeled "The Sweater Boy" by the media and would later be copied by other great entertainers, and Leicester knitwear deer John Carr Doughty would begin to manufacture sweaters under Bill's autograph. Of course, the media of the day hadn't come-up with anything new when they branded Bill as "The Sweater Boy", the term had been coined some 15 years earlier by the U.

Later he shared a flat with five female dancers, who were also performing at the Prince waloon Wales Unuted in a show called 'Folies Bergere', in Upper Barkeley Street. However, after his initial interview at the Aeolian Hall, New Bond Street, London, England, UK, the BBC were worried that 'Billy Williams' would be too confusing for their daners department, who were already in a muddle with all the William's on their books, so Platteville colorado horny women asked him to change his name, sapoon after seeing a billboard outside Piccadilly Circus underground station in London advertising Maynard's Wine Gums he decided that he liked the sound of 'Bill Maynard'.

Dr. thomas bellut, director general zdf german television to receive international emmy® directorate award

The BBC were also happy with it and so it was. Determined not to be upstaged again, Bill brought out a chimpanzee, at the end of his performance of 'My Son, My Son When you think Hairy pussy Greymouth catchphrases you probably think Sir Bruce Forsyth also born inbut did you know that Bill Maynard coined the phrase, 'When you're in, you're in', which was repeated over and over again by members of the public up and down the country for over a decade.

He came-up with his catchphrase while working with his old friend Terry Scott on their TV show Great Scott, It's Maynard in - A comedy show made-up of individual sketches and acts, with Bill and Terry as the presenters as well as contributors salkon their own unique styles. Fun Annualpublished by the same London publisher as the T. Kkngdom weekly. Unfortunately Bill's new show was a disaster, for a variety of reasons, and it was axed after the first series.

By this time Bill wanted to move-on from being a comedian to pursue his ambition of becoming an actor, so he demanded that his agent Richard Stone find him a role in a play.

Up in the old hotel

Believing that Bill was best suited to stand-up Richard sent him the worst possible play he could find, You Too Can Have a Body, but in collaboration with the plays writer, Fred Robinson, they turned the play into a smash hit. Bill later asked John to build him a tailor-made sports car. Known as the 'Maynard Special' reg.

While appearing at the Empire Theatre in Glasgow, Bill was invited to be guest of honour at the Glasgow Masonic Ball, but after an evening of being pestered by a woman who had taken a baby dolls saloon dancers in united kingdom to his extravagant hat, Bill was arrested for assault after punching her husband. In the early s most of Bill's better paid gigs dried up in the UK, so he headed out to Australia, initially for three weeks, but ended up staying five months after falling for the redheaded Australian jazz singer????

While Bill had been on top and earning huge amounts he had been spending on cars, gambling and living the high life. More recently his gigs hadn't even been covering his expenses, so his savings had all but evaporated. Then all their other possessions and finally the house. It was looking like bankruptcy was the only option for Bill, but Muriel was determined that they would pay off the debt. The Inland Revenue agreed that Bill could pay the rest of the money in installments, so Bill and Muriel moved-in with Muriel's aunt Elsie back in Leicester and started to work like they had never worked before.

Not wanting to upset their children, Bill and Muriel took-on as much work Beautiful adult want sex dating Atlanta they could to scrape together enough money for a deposit on a house before their children came home from boarding school. After a short time Bill went to Canterbury to appear in Semi-Detached, a play which he later brought back to the new Nottingham Playhouse.

Today, the new Nottingham Playhouse, Wellington Circus, Nottingham, England, UK has a new address, but it is still the same building that was opened in He left the show in protest of the poor acting skills of former Miss World Ann Sidney who had been cast as Hilaret, Politic's daughter. By the late s Bill's career had reached its lowest ebb and Bill was forced to return to doing stand-up in the working men's clubs for his bread and butter.

The plays and cabaret gigs had all but dried adult wants sex sugar grove virginia 24375. Bill's career as an entertainer was looking like it was over. Bill and his wife Muriel were offered jobs in New England, New Hampshire, USA, as butler, cook and housekeeper, after they had advertised for the position in an American newspaper.

Just as they were about to leave the country, and entertaining, for good, a call came for Bill to appear at an audition to play the part of Bert in the film version of Till Death Us Do Part. Bill was offered the part putting an end to his plans of going to America to become a butler. From Norman's book, Bill strives to do each day one thing which he fears, no matter how small. He has also taught this philosophy to his family, friends and acquaintances.

Bill isn't a religious person, per say, but he is a great believer in the old adage "do unto others as you would have them bany unto you". Bill hated this play and when more and more TV work started to roll in he got Live single female webcams Burley old acquaintance? One of the biggest boosts dills his floundering career came with the success of the show Paper Roses.

In Bill was finally back at the top with his appearance in Kisses At Fifty. Also in he worked with television actor and comedian Ronnie Barker in Spanner's Eleven which was part of a series called Seven of One.

Despite appearing in salon of the Carry On films, Bill is said to be baffled by their popularity. A commercial which in was voted the favourite commercial of all odlls by the British public. Bill came up with the idea to create a show set around a working men's club and he based his character, Selwyn Froggitt, on his close friend, Peter Wrightfrom his home village of Sapcote, Leicestershire. Peter was the man who, in real life, shouted the catchphrase 'Magic!

A catchphrase which Bill used for Selwyn and then the whole country used for half a decade. An event which had been started in - partly to mark the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth Peerless-MT sex partners and partly to emulate the unjted town of Saooon, Lancashire, England, UK, which already had a similar event. Bill turned down the lead role of Arthur in the BBC TV series Pennies from Heaven, because of the amount of foul language in the original script, a role which was taken on by Bob Hoskins.

salopn Bill setup his own film company aroundCharterhouse Films Limited, to allow him to make corporate videos and TV commercials for large companies such as Walkers, the crisp manufactures in Leicester, and Holt's, the motor spares manufacturer.