One Journey Ends Another Begins

This Journey Ends  Another begins –

I can’t believe it’s been around five months since my last post and much has been going on, what a journey. Time does fly when you’re having fun or is it the simply fact that I’ve exhausted myself from living on the road. A little of both I suppose, either way time has passed and it’s been well worth it.

I’m back in Boise and have decided to catch up on some writing. Since my last post I’ve racked up some mileage on the truck and have seen some awesome things along the way.

Sunset on Long Beach

Traveling to the states of Washington, Oregon, Nevada and Idaho, I have once again confirmed the fact that this country has so many beautiful areas to visit and that I have certainly done.  I’ve met some new people, visited with old friends and met some loonies. I’ve ate amazing food and have once again questioned why I’m doing this to myself in the first place. I’ve exhausted myself beyond my comfort zone, my moods have been up and down which is, well, normal for me. I don’t like it  but that’s just the way it is. So I deal with it.

I returned in one piece, I’ll call that a success.

This living out on the road has not been as easy as I thought, but I have no regrets about the decision. It has been an eye opener in many ways. I have proven to myself that I am capable and still able to live a relatively “normal” life, whatever that is. And considering the condition of my heart, I honestly didn’t think I was going to last eight months. Well, I did make it and so a change in direction is in order.

This full-time road trip is over. This specific journey has been completed and Boise has become my destination this go around. I will be settling into an apartment and begin to plan my next journey.

Pacific Crest Trail
Pacific Crest Trail

Since my return, my thoughts have been on hiking a section of the Pacific Crest Trail. Taking two years or so to prepare myself for the trek. I can only hope to at least attempt a portion of the trail anyway – around a hundred-mile section in Oregon. Obviously that can change around my health. While reading on the subject, the information describes the Oregon section of the trail to be the shortest section and the easiest in elevation changes. I can only imagine. Yes, it may certainly be an ambitious goal all things considered, but what a journey it would be. Anybody want to go? Let me know.

On the road

The Washington and Oregon trip alone logged in at 1548 miles. It has been a long hot summer for me. So, since I left Colorado, camping next to water has been my primary goal, lake, river or ocean, it doesn’t matter. Water is prime real estate where ever you go and for obvious reasons.  The Washington and Oregon coast turned out to be great cool weather and the occasional rain storm was a nice change, simply refreshing.

I have so much more to write on each trip I’ve taken these past months, that will come in time.
My travels are far from over and there are many more journeys to take, so Until next time.

“Get out and make it happen”


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2 thoughts on “One Journey Ends Another Begins

  1. Hey Kevin,
    Sorry to hear you’re pulling off to the side of the road for a while — I suppose that day comes for all of us eventually. We just finished up our first year 10/24/16 and currently we’re staying with family here in Lodi, CA for a few days before we head to The Slabs to begin winter #2. We’ll be headed back ‘home’ to the Boise area in the spring. Stay in touch and we can meet up for a beer — or whatever your diet allows. It was cool meeting you that day up at Lucky Peak. We still have a house in Kuna that we rent out and our 12×16 storage shed is there so we like to stop by in the spring for a while and get things whipped back into shape. 🙂 Hope you enjoy planning for next adventure — make it a good one. 🙂

  2. My travels are not over by any means but I appreciate the sentiment, Thank you. I love the places you’ve been. I’ve been making a list and you guys are making it easy to find future destinations.
    Set backs are reasons to re-think, make plans and start again.
    Take care

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