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My Definition of Trekking

The dictionary defines trekking as:

verb (used without object), trekked, trekking.

1. to travel or migrate, especially slowly or with difficulty.

    2. South Africa. to travel by ox wagon.

verb (used with object), trekked, trekking.

    3. South Africa. (of a draft animal) to draw (a vehicle or load).


4. a journey or trip, especially one involving difficulty or hardship.

    5. South Africa. a migration or expedition, as by ox wagon.
    6. South Africa. a stage of a journey, especially by ox wagon, between one stopping place and the next.

Here’s my Definition

Alright, maybe not to that extreme, but there are times.

Traveling by car or in my case a truck and there have certainly been many challenges along the way, but there is a sense of independence when leaving the modern conveniences behind such as motorhomes, trailers and hotels. Adapting to the fact that bathrooms, showers and kitchens aren’t at your immediate access creates a different sense in the experience that adds to the adventure.

Car Camping in the 1920's

Car Camping in the 1920’s

Traveling and camping by vehicle is where it all started many years ago when visiting our National Parks. It has evolved in many ways along the way.Keeping it simple leaves more time to do the things you don’t have the ability to do when you left home. To camp is to experience the outdoors

I have experienced many ways of camping in the past using modern recreational vehicles. After this last trip throughout Idaho, I am hooked on my new light weight setup. It’s a simple way of traveling to the amazing National Parks and the many other scenic areas we all have access to.

Get out and Make it Happen

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