Lucky Peak – a simple day trip

Lucky Peak – Just a Short Drive Away.

Lucky Peak State Park is the perfect place for swimming, picnicking, fishing, boating or biking. Sandy Point and Discovery is a 10 minute drive from Boise and Springs Shores Marina is 40 minutes away.

I’ve been cooped up in my apartment for months now. Today I finally forced myself to get up to Lake or Reservoir for what it is by definition and whether I feel good or not It’s going to happen, well I made it and the effort paid off.

I had known idea of what to expect at the Lake this time of year, but I soon found out how quiet and peaceful it was. Other than the tour bus that drove by. I had the place to myself, how cool is that? Who would’ve thought? A tour bus, funny. Nice day for a drive for sure.

Spring ShoresI didn’t stay long at the Dam, Oh yeah theres Lucky Peak Dam. I was about a quarter-mile away at the Barclay Bay boat launch. Anyway, after staying awhile, taking in the scenery and freezing some what, I drove to the upper portion of the lake – Spring Shores – the State Park area. It wasn’t as scenic as the lower portion in my min. Maybe it was the change in the light or the lackluster semi-reflective ice. It was Still something to experience, but not for long.

And that was it, a few hours and I was done and headed home. On my way home I realized once again just how lucky we are to have access to the many amazing places with relatively easy access here in Idaho. I speak of Idaho because of the obvious of course. Idaho is so rich in history, both geological and human history. The list of places to travel to is ever-growing and I think that’s what makes it so interesting no matter where your from.

One of the many trips on the list

The 101-mile primitive Magruder Corridor Road winds through a vast undeveloped area, offering solitude and pristine beauty as well as expansive mountain views. Read More

Get out and make it happen.


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