Life, Camping and Celebration

A good life. Blacks Creek Rd, Anderson Ranch Reservoir, and Arrowrock Reservoir. A 20-minute drive and the Boise National Forest is my backyard.

Kevin Fowler
Author Kevin Fowler
Trip Map - Boise National Forest and surrounding area
Rough directions on the Anderson Ranch Reservoir, Blacks Creek Rd. and Arrowrock Reservoir trip

Life, what a time to live.This month of travel has been a busy one. I’ve covered some miles and the ground it follows.  I started by traveling South on I-84 out of Boise and took the Blacks Creek exit. Take a left towards the mountains, then a left at the fork in the road and drive until you get there. Where ever that is, it’s that easy. The rest is downhill until you get to the next hill, so enjoy the ride. I was gone a total of 9 out of 14 days on this trip and Wow, there’s a lot to see and do here in Idaho. Summer after summer, It only gets better.

The Fishing has been kind and Mother Nature has once again reminded me who’s in charge. And still, I haven’t forgotten… Crazy weather there was, but I love it. What a fantastic trip, yet once again.
I’m going to say little on this post and just do the visual thing. So Enjoy…

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