It’s not the Destination, but the Journey

HAVE you ever heard of the saying – It’s not the Destination, but the Journey  – you probably have, But have you ever taken a hard look at those few simple words and what they mean?  I enjoy traveling and all that’s involved. I like to get off the normally traveled path and see where it goes, spend time there and move on. Sounds like a journey to me. A journey with many  destinations laid out ahead and even more ways to get there.

Kevin FowlerThis last couple of months have once again proven to me how true those few words can mean. It can also literally blindside you with obvious change, a change in destination that I personally wasn’t prepared for, but yet the journey continues and it also provides evidence on just how much control we actually have or give up as we travel. But we can adapt to the change in direction, the bumps along the way add interest to the journey.  Besides, consistency can get boring.

Destination Pagosa Springs lasted all of about four weeks before I decided to come back to Boise. Of course there  were good reasons for the quick turn around but I don’t want to bore anyone with the details. Gizmo and I are still at it and Gizmo is doing great. His hair is getting so long and it makes him look so much bigger than he actually is. He Gizmojust loves getting out there and run his little feet off. It’s quit entertaining seeing him having fun. He is such a great little traveler in the truck, it makes things much easier as mellow as he is. He’s done so well throughout the years. He even has his own sleeping bag now, I had to. He’s a bed hog with an occasional grumpy side. Not so good in tight quarters. So I give him his space – funny.

siesta timeI kicked back and came up with some ideas, made a few plans and hit the road to the places of interests throughout the Colorado map, places I’d been told about. First destination on the list, a road trip to Boulder Colorado where the manufacturing facility of my Softopper is located at. Along the way there would be many new and exciting places to experience, both planned and otherwise.

North of Alamosa CO and traveling north on highway 17, as expected, I was met with yet another one of those peculiar invitations giving me directions to another unexpected place – The Great Sand Dunes. A ten-mile drive and Wow, are you kidding me. Two days at the Dunes exploring, some amazing photography and the journey just gets better.Great sand dunes

The Great Sand Dunes National Reserve was pretty neat place geologically speaking. I watched a program on PBS about the dunes and I literally drove right to them on my way north to Boulder Co – by accident. It was well worth the few days I spent there. The many ecological contrasts are so obvious. This lends to countless  shadowy scenes throughout the day and all you need to do is sit still and let your imagination go. (Images below)

And since I’m driving south from my visit to Boulder, why not stop by Mile High Stadium in Denver. Sit in the parking lotmile high stadium and get some work done in the shadow of Mile High Stadium itself; figuratively speaking of course. It was a cold windy day and I refused to let it ruin the moment. I’ve been so fortunate to get to spend time parked in some fantastic surroundings while I . There are so many places right here in North America that are available for us to access. Take the time to get out there and see what there is to offer.

rio grande river gorgeEventually I Found myself at the Rio Grande Gorge bridge in New Mexico, not far from Taos NM, and as I stood looking down at the little Rio Grande from the bridge I thought to myself “cool, another crack in the earth”. Certainly not an unusual site if you’ve been to Idaho. We have gorges, canyons, deep cracks and holes in one form or another located all over the state. Never the less, still an interesting site and I appreciate the experience that led me there.


earthshipNow getting to the Gorge is just as interesting, not far from the city of Taos were the earthships.  Scattered about the desert shinning in the light from the colorful designs sit numerous colorful designs of homes that have thrown out the conventional ways of constructing a home while artistic personality dominates strongly in each individual place . I applaud the vision used  in the construction of these unique and environmentally efficient homes, houses, dwellings, all the above. Whatever you classify them as, they’re out of this world.

I stopped by Mesa Verde on my way back to Boise. Thinking it would be a quick trip and finding out after a mesa verdetwenty something mile drive back into the park on a slow winding road, this detour was taking longer than I really wanted it to. I impatiently drove on until finally arriving at the cliff dwellings, just as advertised, rock houses in cliffs. All kidding aside, they were very impressive to see in person and to get some first-hand information on the culture that once occupied this area was in fact interesting and a worthwhile drive.

Moab of course is at the top of my list. Moab as a destination has and will always be one of my favorite places I’ve ever been to. On my way down to Pagosa Springs I passed by the Arches National Park entrance. The line was crazy long, that kept me from taking the time to visit the park going in the south-east direction. I did however stop by on my way back to Boise, and yes there was a line to get in at that time as well. Tourist season came early and for good reason. The weather was sunny and cool, perfect for driving through the park. The place is definitely a must see destination.

Being my second time through the Arches National Park area the drive was casual and short, yet always impressive. A late drive north and back through to Boise. I was back at my starting destination from a just few months before and loving every bit of the trip.

“Get out and make it happen”



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3 thoughts on “It’s not the Destination, but the Journey

  1. Speaking of cool local places to scope out, have you been up in the Black’s Creek Canyon area? I found it remarkably beautiful back in there and I’ve heard there are waterfalls in the spring — also some very cool places to camp. We hope to get up there soon for a day trip if nothing else.

    1. I just spent a few days up there a few weeks ago and yes that is a great drive. Prairie, Pine , South Fork of the Boise River and Anderson Ranch Reservoir just to name a few. Of course there are all the cool places in between. I’ll have a post on that trip in awhile-stay tuned.
      Take care

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