Kayaking Indian Creek 1.0

The Salmon River and Indian Creek. That’s where it all started .

March 2018, that’s the month I was invited to a pool session with Team River Runner (TRR). An hour or so later I was paddling a kayak in the pool. I was learning to kayak and I was hooked. I was seriously infatuated with the concept of kayaking and the possibilities. My first kayak run was Indian creek, then a few weeks later North East to the upper Salmon River near Stanley Idaho. Within 1 year I was able to kayak on 7 rivers or sections of rivers and as I mentioned before, Indian creek was my first. It’s where I began to understand whatKevin, salmon river , Kevin kayaking could be possible with my Involvement in Team River Runner.

The Boise Chapter Team River Runner organization became my way of life. With the help of my Mentor and the instructors within TRR, the work has paid off. I was in the water March 5th of 2019 with a great group of people, how cool is that? Seriously, Without Team River Runner, this past year would not and could not be possible. It has become my way of life and besides what a great thing to do out on the rivers of Idaho, KAYAK and RAFT!

The first run of the year 2019

Indian Creek is Located southwest of Boise and is a perfect environment for working on surfing, ferrying and eddies. I paddled in a conservative manner today. Pretty cold water and a chilly day detoured any playful ideas I had of getting wet. So staying upright was a priority.

A special Thanks to this crew

My Mentor, Instructor and the Coordinator of The Boise Chapter TRR-
Bob Tracy
Safety boaters and friends-
Pat , Dylan and Ben
and myself, the paddler-

Surfin and Playin

(Flash Back) Early Summer 2018

It’s now March 2019

I am so privileged to be involved in a kayaking  community that cares. Of course being a member of Team River Runner has certainly impacted my life the most. Through-out the year, volunteers clean up trash, clear large hazards with chain saws; then use brute strength to move rocks and improve the various water features and fish habitats wnen Indian Creek is drained. I contribute to the work the best I can. There is such a satisfaction and sense of accomplishment when I see other volunteers working together for a common cause.


The 2018 North Fork Championships and coming back June of 2019

I ran into Dane Jackson of all guys. Great people, great event.

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