In Search of Pagosa Springs

Pagosa Springs Resort Area
Pagosa Springs – A Mountain Top Mediterranean

And yes there are actual hot springs in the town of Pagosa Springs. Matter of fact, their just about Right in the middle of town. On this particular afternoon the area I visited had a certain Mediterranean resemblence to it. River rock sided hot spring tubs and large pools decorated the river’s edge. Deep blue padded lounge chairs add a splash of color as they take their positions in the surrounding areas adding to the relaxing scene that has been set.

It was all a very welcoming view from the pedestrian bridge over the river. The public accessible Bath House and the various other businesses comprise this downtown area along the San Juan River. All together it creates a fantastic spot to hang out.
The surrounding area is amazing as well. Any direction you drive, whether into town or out of town you are met with remarkable views of the mountains that surround this quaint little town.

Malt Shop
Malt Shop and Tasty Burgers

Mom and Pop shops line the highway through town; an old department store still stands tall continuing to operate after a 100 years of service. There’s plenty of parking and easy access by foot to the many choices of cuisine, shopping and of course the hot springs. This is an active town, winter sports as well as all the popular summer activities are supported here year around.

So after a week here, I can say “I like it, think I’ll stay awhile”. The scenery is stunning and I’ve just started. I’m literally surrounded by the San Juan National Forest. How cool is that?

I’ve been writing about the town I live in. Now about where I’m living at. About 12 miles south of town, nestled in the pine trees sits a comfortable spacious cabin with mountains that frame the entire 10 acres. I know, again, how cool it’s that? Granted the cabin has been longstanding, but it has so much character, both inside and out.

DSC_0036I live in the loft, a large loft, with stairs and everything. A living area with bedroom, a bathroom, walk-in closet and it’s all open and generous in size. Finally, the window, the window from my bedroom that I whatch the sun cross over the mountains and valley floor. No complaints here. Did I mention, I just may stay awhile?IMG_3164

This whole trip to Colorado started while communicating with my cousin Meg Bliss in Pagosa Springs Colorado via Facebook. I’d been here many years ago, like when I was 12 or 13 year’s old; seems like forever. So over the months the conversation turned into my interest in travel and camping, then a visit someday and then the move. Honestly it didn’t take long for me to decide, the west coast or Colorado? To many people on the west coast and I haven’t seen my cousin for over thirty years. Besides, Colorado was on my list of places to go, Colorado has great National Forest and less people. So there, 3 great reasons to move and the beginning of something new. Pretty cool uh?

It took a couple of hours for my brothers Matt and Tim to move out the heavy furniture and boxes from my apartment, for that I am thankful. It took a month for me to slowly move my things to storage altogether. My neighbor Linda helped from day to day which also made things easier, she was always great about lending a hand. Thank you once again.

Then I had the truck to prepare. Re-arrangeing gear, sizeing cargo, re-organizeing, change this, take out, put back in and then, well you get the idea. It was a blast and it left me exhausted.

I left on March 2nd 2016. I took 5 days to get to Pagosa Springs via a stop at my Dad’s place in Utah and as always some camping along the way.San Juan River When I arrived, I wasn’t disappointed in the least.



My cousin Meg Bliss has been great through this moving experience and I want to let her know how much I appreciate all that she has done to encourage and make my experience and accommodations so much more than I expected. The move was quick, it wasn’t easy and it won’t be easy living here.

Having the chance to travel and find new places to explore certainly is a blessing in so many ways. Having an Illness has motivated me to live differently, endure more and struggle to get out and make it happen. Sitting around an apartment wasting away and complaining wasn’t going to happen. Not with the time I have left, there’s more for me to do and Colorado is a great place to get started again. My re-united friend Meg has made this all possible for me and for that I am extremely grateful.



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  1. Hey there Kevin I am so blessed to know you and I am glad I can see the places you are going.. It looks so beautiful there and you write about it so beautifully.. It makes me want to pack up and move!! Love ya bunches

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