Craters of the Moon

I have driven by Craters of the Moon many times within the 38 years or so since I’ve lived in Idaho, but have never taken the time to stop and drive through the park. This particular day I’m glad I did. After driving the scenic loop and taking a few pictures I wondered why I hadn’t done this before. Probably because it was always to hot.

What a place, it was an overcast day, a nice breeze, perfect to spend some time here, so I stayed the night and was surprisingly impressed with the campground and its amenities.

I found a campsite and settled in. The weather was perfect for me, with the temperature around 70 degrees and a slight breeze; I was comfortable. While reading up on some literature about the park a park ranger stopped by and invited me to a presentation at the Amphitheatre. The presentation was about 45 minutes long and covered the history of Craters of the Moon, I found it pretty interesting. Afterword’s I cooked diner walked Gizmo and went to the visitor’s center.

The next morning was nice and cool and while eating breakfast I met some folks from Switzerland, a pleasant conversation. It’s been so nice having the softopper on my truck, sure I miss the roominess of my tent, but the convenience of the topper can’t be beat. Coffee, breakfast and I was on the road again, off to Idaho Falls.
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Craters of the Moon Idaho Location Map
Craters of the Moon scenic drive map


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