Blacks Creek – a drive worth taking

Blacks Creek trip

A few miles Southeast of Boise Idaho and off the # 64 exit, Blacks Creek Road turns right to Kuna Idaho or left into the Boise National Forest. Amazingly enough I’ve never taken this particular road into the mountains, not once in the 30 something years I’ve lived in Idaho… But no longer.

The road turns Northeast into the mountains; starts out as a paved road and quickly turns into an improved / unimproved two lane dirt road leading into the Boise National Forest. This meandering road leads to the South Fork of the Boise river and the gorge that it flows through.

SF Boise River
South Fork of the Boise River

Further into the mountains the road and other intersecting roads connect to towns such as Prairie, Pine, Featherville and then further North to Atlanta Idaho. Following the numerous roads throughout the area you can then loop back down south to Anderson Ranch Reservoir.

On this particular trip the locals informed me that the road to Atlanta was closed because of snow; I’ll save that trip for later when I can make the complete loop to Atlanta, Red Fish Lake and back to Boise. Besides, I happened to find a few other roads. Some with fallen trees and snow drifts in the way, making them impassable to the higher lakes and mountain ranges. Those roads will just have to wait as well. I did attempt to clear one road, but a half mile later another fallen tree. Two trees down within a half mile gave me the impression that someone didn’t want me to go where I was heading; so I turned back. Another road for later.

It’s intriguing to me that a simple dirt road such as this, a road that intersects a major highway (I-84) can turn into such a surprising path; and if Slow downfollowed, once again instills the fact that I live in an area full of unique and visually stimulating scenery and sometimes entertaining scenery. In fact, I found out just how serious the locals of one town I passed through were about their speed limit. Some serious roadside humor, to me anyway.

I spent four days, drove over 250 hundred miles, took a bath in water so cold that I got a brain freeze from washing my hair, yet it was an experience ILED light install will never forget and I’m sure it wasn’t the last time if I’m lucky.

On this trip I found out one of the benefits of traveling is having the time to catch up on vehicle maintenance or any new mods that are in the works. This trip I was able to finish up the LED spot light Install I have been planning. Parts in hand, project complete.

LED light install
Toyota after the LED light install

The night time brings out different animals, many larger of course. I know they’re out there. We’ve all seen them before, hiding just out of range from the standard vehicle headlight set-up unless they run out in front of you. Hopefully this addition to the lighting array will greatly increase night time visibility, giving me the opportunity to see more night time wild life.

I finished up my trip below Anderson Ranch Dam on the South Fork of the Boise River. Camping the night; then out to highway 20 to Mountain Home, then on to Boise.

Two days in Boise and I headed to Nevada to visit an old friend… Post to come.

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    Great post — can’t remember if I responded already or just thought about it? We’re headed to Seattle area mid-June but if we can squeeze in a day trip between now and then, I’d love to show the Blacks Creek area to Annie. I walked a bit one time to peer down in the canyon there and I could hardly believe it — like Idaho’s own mini-grand canyon! We’ll work our way across the North to visit my long-time friend in Montana (haven’t seen him in too long!). We don’t have to be back in the Boise area until early Nov for one of the local grandkid’s birthday. (We missed it last year and he was NOT happy :o) I’d like to get back before then and do some more work on this Shantyboat thing I’m building so we can spend more time (and sleep overnight) on the Colorado River during the winter months. Keep on keeping on . . . I’m sure our paths will cross again. Cody and Inyo (our two cats) say HI to Gizmo :o)

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