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Blacks Creek – a drive worth taking

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    Great post — can’t remember if I responded already or just thought about it? We’re headed to Seattle area mid-June but if we can squeeze in a day trip between now and then, I’d love to show the Blacks Creek area to Annie. I walked a bit one time to peer down in the canyon there and I could hardly believe it — like Idaho’s own mini-grand canyon! We’ll work our way across the North to visit my long-time friend in Montana (haven’t seen him in too long!). We don’t have to be back in the Boise area until early Nov for one of the local grandkid’s birthday. (We missed it last year and he was NOT happy :o) I’d like to get back before then and do some more work on this Shantyboat thing I’m building so we can spend more time (and sleep overnight) on the Colorado River during the winter months. Keep on keeping on . . . I’m sure our paths will cross again. Cody and Inyo (our two cats) say HI to Gizmo :o)