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Getting back to a simpler way of camping - Takes me back in time.

In the beginning

About me and Camping

I started camping with my Dad when I was about five years old. Our first camping trip was backpacking in the High Sierras of Northern California, I haven’t stopped camping since.

Camping with Dad

Camping for the first time with Dad.

Of course through the years camping has evolved for me. From backpacking on foot to backpacking on a motorcycle, then motorhomes, campers and so on, you get the picture.

My name is Kevin and I have Recently gone back to a Minimalist way of camping, a simpler way. I have combined my backpacking gear and my truck to create, well it’s nothing new, truck camping Kevin style. The softopper I installed on my truck has afforded me the convenience of having access to quickly, and the ability to kick back without the hassle of setting up the tent, of course, is positive. If I’m staying in one spot for more than a few days maybe I’ll set up the tent If I feel like it. Again, you get the point – keep it simple.

I have a tendency to complicate everything. The simplicity of my new truck set-up creates a way of traveling without the complications of self-contained or tow behind RV’s. It feels like camping as it should in my mind, isn’t that what really matters?

So my plan for the next few years is to travel to all the National Forests and Parks that I can. Visit the many awesome scenic locations that we have all passed by unknowingly. On the way to the other crowded places known by all. Idaho alone has so many places to visit, to see them all is a journey in its self.

Camping on a bike ride

Taking a break on the mountain during a motorcycle ride in the Boise National Forest, 2002.

I will then move on to the other States; Oregon, Washington, then North to Canada and Alaska. Sure there are other bordering states I’d like to get to as well and in time I will.

I have a degree in Computer Aided Drafting and within a year I will complete my second degree in Web Development, both Associates’ Degrees. I have worked in the welding and fabrication fields, built airplane kits and worked for Engineering Companies and I’m a PADI certified rescue diver. Of course, there are many things I can’t do anymore,  so it’s time to slow down and spend my time in a much more simple way. Take my time, visit the country around me and write about it.

Becoming disabled Some time ago was devastating, but so what, deal with it. I’ve had to adapt in many ways to how I travel and how I live, both good and bad. Having Congestive heart failure does have its caveats, the issues that accompany this Illness certainly slow me down. The hot and cold extremes in temperature affect me more now and my endurance is much lower and it’s harder to breathe. So I take my time, much more so than in the past and it bums me out sometimes.  But I’ve had to learn to take my time, like it or not. I’ve stopped being in a hurry – everybody should do that sometimes I think anyways – It’s a good thing. It’s been difficult, but that’s life isn’t it.

Camping and catching fish on the Salmon River

Catching Rainbow Trout on the Salmon River

There is so much to see in Idaho, the fishing is world-class. Me, I’m just happy to catch a fish. I can’t be in a hurry anymore and that’s a good thing The most frustrating thing about having a disability is adapting to the new situations with my health. As I travel,  I’m often reminded to slow down and take it easier, so I do and I see more.


Gizmo – Having a white dog does have its challenges.

Traveling has given me the chance to write. Something I enjoy and have always wanted to do, hopefully, the practice will help me improve. I have a remarkable chance to get into my photography, read books and spend time with my dog Gizmo. So I will, how cool is that?

So that’s the plan and that’s a little about me. I hope you enjoy my blog. Let me know if there’s anything I can do for you while out on the road and always remember to slow down and see what cool stuff is going on around you.

Kevin - 2015

Kevin – 2015

There’s so much to see – So little time. Get out and do it.

3 Responses

  1. JIM PETERSON says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I enjoyed your bio and it was cool meeting Gizmo. Our cats actually like some dogs too — especially the mellower ones who don’t get too hyper for no apparent reason. :o) I didn’t even know you had a dog until you opened your cab door to get something . . . my kinda’ dog for sure! We’ve only been fulltiming about six months and that was one of the toughest adjustments for me = just learning to slow the heck down and relax. After all those highly-structured years of working and having to be this place or that by a certain time, it was a tall order! I may have found a good hull on a trailer for that shantyboat I was telling you about — only 150 bucks — getting excited. Peace be with you and I hope you and Gizmo continue having the best of times. See you around.

    • Kevin says:

      Hey there Jim,
      I enjoyed our conversation as well at Macks Creek. I always enjoy talking to others who spend time out on the road traveling like we do. Slowing down is a tough thing to get accustom to. It use to be go, go , go for me… And now I have time (with some health interventions) to just relax and enjoy all that I have and more importantly what we have around us. Gizmo helps keep me sane, you know what I mean. Pets are great to have around.
      Good luck with the boat, it will be a good project and it sounds cool.
      I like your site and the stories.

      Have many more, see ya…
      Kevin Fowler

  2. Enjoyed your blog. Enjoyed talking to you & Gizmo, in Lincoln City, Oregon. It took us a while to find you, but it was worth it. Safe & Happy Travels to you both. We’re looking forward to more news from you, as you travel. Sincerely, Jan & Al

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